Power Highway enters in trading business of renewable energy products in 2004. Presently due to the perfect combination of our expertise in this area and the availability of innovative technology at much lower cost, Power Highway becomes the solution provider in 2007 and delivering Complete Solutions, which are affordable and much needed in view of the prevalent energy crisis.

Power Highway has nationwide Sales and Services Distribution network to provide Renewable Energy Products like Solar Panels, Batteries, Inverters, and Energy Efficient LED Lights and related Accessories with our own Brand SolarMax® and also with our USA, European Suppliers/Partners brand.

Power Highway has vast experience in Energy efficiency projects including (Energy audits for buildings and industrial process).

Mission Statement

To be able to provide reliable, smart, user friendly and affordable renewable energy solutions for our customers on a turnkey basis, which not only enlighten the life of a customer but also give them satisfaction, which also helps them to progress in every walk of a life. Above all, serve the humanity by adding green energy in the globe and take a part in the betterment of mankind.


  • To reach those who still live in dark.
  • To reach urban where conventional power source does not allow to enjoy modern appliances.
  • To reach commercials so that business can progress.
  • To reach industrials so that uninterrupted power helps to continue production thus reduce the ever-increasing cost of products.
  • To take a part in reducing the carbon footprints.