Solar Residential solution in Pakistan

Power Highway to make solar energy easy and affordable for you home. Turning to the sun to provide energy for your home is one of the best investments you can make. Powering your home with reliable and economic green solar energy means you can lower your energy bills, protect yourself from rising electricity costs, and reduce your impact on the environment.

For many people, deciding whom to choose for their solar energy system is a difficult decision. That’s why at Power Highway; we’ve been working hard to make the decision an easy one. Through extensive research and development, Power Highway only provides the highest quality and most efficient products, ensuring that you have a solution that is designed for you, built to last, and backed by our best customer support — all you need to decide is what system size suits you, and we can help you with that too!

Power Highway is leading the way in making solar energy an economic and user-friendly addition to your home.

Power Highway Provide 3 Type of Solar Home Systems with complete customize solutions on turnkey basis for your home as per your requirement:

1: OFF Grid Solar Systems:
From 100WATT to above 250KW +

2: ON Grid Solar Systems:
From 3KW to above 250KW+

3: Hybrid Solar Systems:
From 1KW to above 250KW+


An off-grid residential system is completely disconnected from the traditional electric power grid. Without a connection to the utility grid, batteries are essential to balance periods of excess production and excess demand.
To protect against shortfalls of power when the solar system is under-producing and the batteries are discharged, an electric generator is usually added to the system. The generator is used as a power source during periods of prolonged excess production or unusual demand.


Power Highway provides a grid inter-tied solar power system is directly connected to the home and to the traditional electric utility grid. Grid inter-tied systems allow the homeowners to get power from either the home electric system or the utility grid. Switching between the residential system and the grid is seamless.


The prime advantage of this type of system is the ability to balance the system production and home power requirements. When a grid inter-tied system is producing more power than the home is consuming, the excess can be sold back to the utility in a practice known as net metering. When the system is not producing sufficient power, the home can draw power from the utility grid.

Grid inter-tied systems are the lowest cost type of residential solar electric system, due to having fewer required components.


A grid inter-tied solar power system is also connected to the traditional utility power grid and adds battery-backup to the system. The addition of a battery backup enables the system to balance production and demand and protects against power outages.


Solar electric system production depends on the available sunlight. When sunlight is abundant, production can exceed demand. When production exceeds demand, the excess power can charge the batteries, which store the electricity. When the system is producing less electricity than demanded by the home, the batteries can make up the shortfall.
Grid Inter-tied systems are also connected to the utility power grid. This enables the homeowners to draw from the grid during periods of excess demand and to sell power to the grid when there is excess production.
While grid inter-tied systems offer more flexibility, they are not without disadvantages. Charging and discharging batteries reduces the overall efficiency of the system and these systems are more complex to design and install and therefore more expensive.

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